Updates and price change


Just over a year ago I released a game I’d been working on off and on for the past few years. After the personal hype died down I moved on with my life.

I don’t intend to release any major updates for this game, however a number of features were requested and I was able to find time for some of them. I may eventually add more quality-of-life features or fix any bugs that are reported. However, please do not expect regular updates.

Since release, it’s become very clear that Wormatozoa isn’t going to reach a wide audience, and I regret setting the price as high as I did. I would much rather people play it than get small change for the benefit. As such, I’ve reduced the price of the game with an intention to make it free at the end of the month (January 31, 2024).

Change log

  • Added option to pause levels until your first input
  • Added option for “fast deaths” (reducing the time between losing a level and it restarting)
  • Added option for a dynamic cursor that is responsive to your inputs
  • Added option to customise the cursor orientation
  • Updated the cutscenes
  • Corrected the stats on several achievements
  • Tweaked some levels
  • Fixed some bugs

Thank you to everyone who’s enjoyed this game! It was a small, personal project that spun wildly out of control and it brings me joy that even a single other person was able to take something away from it.

  • distributive :)

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